U.S. and China at the Cross Roads

    The State of Cross-Border Finance

    Comments from an Address at Camphor Tree Forum at Harvard University

    The relationship between the US and China, which has defined the global economy, for 20 years, appears to have reached a crisis point. Where are we headed and what can be done?

    These remarks are selected from an address that will be delivered by MarcumBP's Co-Managing Partner, Drew Bernstein, at the Camphor Tree Forum at Harvard University on Saturday, September 14th, 2019.

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    China's Greatest Challenge

    Fraser Howie on How Slowing Growth, Rising Debt Levels, and Global Skepticism Will Define China's Next Chapter

    Fraser Howie is one of the most astute observers of China’s banking and financial systems, and his book Red Capitalism: The Fragile Foundations of China’s Extraordinary Rise is required reading for anyone who wants to understand China’s transformation from an impoverished backwater into a powerhouse of authoritarian capitalism. Fraser has spent over two decades trading, analyzing, and writing about Asian stock markets and has worked for companies including Bankers Trust, Morgan Stanley, CICC, and CLSA. He is a regular commentator on Asian financial markets and monetary policy for international print and television outlets.

    MarcumBP’s Drew Bernstein caught up with Fraser recently to understand his views on how the economic and business environment is changing and the challenges that Chinese policymakers face.

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    Bloomberg Invest Asia 2019: Takeaways Relevant to Pre-IPO Chinese Companies

     I thought it would be useful to share key takeaways from the recent Bloomberg Invest Asia conference, an invitation only event for international business leaders to exchange ideas regarding China’s role in the investment community.  

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    From Copycats to Tigers: Why Chinese Tech Companies Can’t Be Ignored

    How Chinese Innovation Will Transform Tech Landscape

    Judging from the headlines, you might think Chinese technology companies are on the ropes. The Justice Department has been investigating and indicting telecom giants Huawei and ZTE. Rising U.S. tariffs threaten to displace China’s dominance in the global supply chain for electronics. And Chinese internet Goliaths Alibaba Group (NYSE:BABA) and Tencent saw their market values shaved in 2018 by investor jitters over government policies and a softening economy.

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    Why I Am Still Optimistic About Doing Business in China

    If you only read the newspaper or watched TV, one might think that the economic relationship between China and America was on the verge of an irreparable split. But as I shared in a recent interview on Bloomberg television, I actually remain fairly optimistic that, despite the many bumps in the road, the world’s two biggest economies will continue to find ways to work together and that deals will get done.

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