MarcumBP is a top-ranked provider of SEC audit, accounting, and consulting services to Chinese companies listed in the U.S. capital markets and American companies doing business in China.

We provide financial due diligence and forensic accounting services for overseas investors and companies seeking to invest in China. And we offer comprehensive services to Chinese companies and individuals for overseas expansion, including M&A, global tax, capital verification, financial due diligence, real estate, and EB-5 investment services.

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SEC Audits for Chinese Issuers

MarcumBP is able to deliver significant value to our clients by:

  • Anticipating issues that are likely to cause concern among U.S. regulators and exchanges so that management can properly present financial results and resolve concerns before they arise.
  • Focusing on critical accounting and business model issues that might attract the attention of investors, including short sellers, if not properly disclosed.
  • Educating senior management on the best practices in disclosure, governance and internal controls so that they can develop a plan to meet global standards.
  • Helping to make sure that key acquisitions and customer transactions are structured and documented properly.
China Financial Due Diligence

MarcumBP is able to deliver significant value to our clients by:

  • Ascertain the true ownership status of critical assets, evaluate major transactions, and identify material relationships with local governments and financial entities.
  • Verify scale of operations and cash flows while sorting through multiple, sometimes conflicting sets of accounting and tax records.
  • Determine if an entity is auditable, identify critical tax issues, and evaluate risks related to FCPA compliance.
  • Serve as a resource to companies, creditors, and bankruptcy courts seeking to evaluate the credibility of an acquisition offer by a Chinese entity, including verifying the scale of the business, source of funds, and evaluating regulatory obstacles.
Cross-Border M&A and Expansion

MarcumBP is ready to support your organic or acquired expansion strategy including:

  • Audit of U.S. operating entities.
  • Financial due diligence and M&A support.
  • Global tax structuring and compliance services.
  • Capital verification.
  • Real estate transaction support.
  • Bankruptcy & insolvency transactions.
  • Multi-country estate and tax planning services.
EB-5 Advisory Services

Our comprehensive EB-5 services for Chinese investors include:

  • Documenting Source of Funds and validating income and tax records for Chinese citizens.
  • Tax planning and filing services in the U.S.
  • Financial due diligence of EB-5 investment projects.
  • Business transition and succession planning.
  • Support for ancillary real estate and business investment transactions.